Can I login with my facebook or google account?

You can create your new account here or you can login with your existing facebook or google account.

How to create group?

You can create group and invite members to join your group, from menu go to group > create group

Can I share documents

Yes! You can share document , go to docs menu share documents.

Can I Share files with my friends

Yes! You can share files with your friends , go to files menu and upload files

Can I manage my email notifications

Yes! You can manage your email notification, what kind of notification you want to receive and what kind of notification you don’t want to receive. Go to Settings > Email

Unlink from your social account

If you login with your social account like facebook or google , you can unlink your account from your social account. Go to Setting > Social account and Unlink social account.

Can I delete my buraqq account

Yes! You can delete your account from, Go to Setting > Delete account

Can I changed my email ID

You can change your email id , go to > Setting > General and here you can change your email ID. you have to provide your password to change your email ID.

Can I change my password

You can change your password, go to Setting > General , here you can change your password

Can I view my uploaded media

You can view you uploaded Photos and Videos and manage them, go to you profile page and select Media.

Friendship Request to any member

Yes you can send friendship request to any member, search member name or go to members page and click Add friend button.

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