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CS610 : Computer Networks GDB spring 2019

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      Graded Discussion Board
      Dated:Aug 02, 19
      Dear Students!

      Graded Discussion Board (GDB) will be launched on Thursday, Aug 08, 2019 and it will close on Friday, Aug 09, 2019.

      GDB Scenario:

      Suppose you are working as a network administrator in a company XYZ. The company has around 50 computers and wants to connect them VIA fiber optic cable within the same building.

      The company wants to ensure the cost effectiveness and fastest possible data transmission over the network. The company also wants to make sure that in case of the failure of a node, communication among other connected nodes should not be disturbed at all. Also in case of the error detection technique, the company wants to use the fastest possible transmission error detection mechanism to ensure the correctness of the received data.


      You are assigned the tasks to select and implement the most suitable network topology and error detection mechanism from the following lists according to the given scenario. Justify your choice of topology and error detection technique with valid arguments.



      Token Ring Topology

      Mesh Topology

      FDDI Topology


      Transmission Error Detection:

      Parity Checking



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