[Graphic Designing] Class 07: Learn Gradients & Create Realistic Pencil

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    In this video you will learn to use Gradients in detail.

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    2:12   Create CMYK file

    3:29   Create new Workplace[Merge needed panels] 

    7:08   Create and drag your own colors

    8:47    Gradients 

    18:53   Add slider [in gradients]

    27:30  Creating Pencil 

    35:49  Using Knife Tool 

    41:23  Engraved Designs

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    35:49 How to cut with *Knife Tool?


    1. Select an object with direct selection tool.

    2. Cut the object with knife tool.

    3. Select direct selection tool & click on white board. Without making any changes in cut part.

    4. Drag your cut part to separate it.

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