[Graphic Designing] Class 03: Adobe Illustrator _ Pen Tool 

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    Very Important Tool.

    Try to gain more and more expertise in it. It plays a vital role in illustrator. 

    Good Luck..! 

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    Pen tool sb sy ziyada use hota hai kisi bhi es Tarah k software main…. even corel draw main bhi wahan name ka farq hai kam almost same he hai .. so es tool ki ziyada sy ziyada practice krny sy kafi kuch seekha ja sakta hai…

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    meny is sy angry bird bnaya tha 😛 digi wali assignment men

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      share your work..

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    Pen Tool Practice shared by Miss:


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    This Class is about, How to Draw with Pen Tool.

    1:21    Pen Tool- Drawing 
    6:20   Smooth Curve
    7:13    Sharp Corner
    8:03   Drawing Objects using Pen Tool
    9:59    Symmetrical Shapes
    11:24   Ruler [Ctrl+R]
    12:01   Smart Guide
    12:16   Unlock/Lock Guides
    14:00  Reflect an Object
    14:51  Join lines as an Object
    15:09  Hide Guides [Ctrl + ;]
    23:30  Fill/Stroke
    26:26  Color theory[Hue,Saturation etc]
    28:27  Anchor Point Tool 
    29:12  Curvature Tool 

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    Imp Notes:

    Drawing through Pen Tool:

    ==> Delete an Object: Select an Object press Delete or Backspace.
    ==> Use SHIFT to Draw your Objects Accurately and Quickly.
    ==> Ruler [Ctrl+R] : Go to ‘View‘ (from above menu)> Ruler > Show Ruler 

    Smooth Curve:
          Don’t close Handel(Don’t release mouse) when u are going to draw a Smooth Curve.

    Sharp Corner:
         while use pen tool, close handle(Release mouse) on the last edge, it will give you Sharp Corner.

    Symmetrical Shapes: Symmetry means BALANCE. Like parts of Body …..called Inverse Symmetry like a mirror  

    while you go to make Symmetry Shapes, make one part, take a copy and reflect it.

    Reflect an Object: Select an Object>Right Click >Transform > Reflect >Preview>Copy >Ok.
    Drag that copy with SHIFT. SHIFT givesAccurate Measurement. 

    UnLock/Lock Guides: 

    From Ruler, pick a smart guide. with ‘Selection tool’ right click on smart guide it will show option Smart Guide is Lock or Unlock.

    Hide Guides: Click on Guides > Hide guides OR Ctrl + ; (semicolon)


    Join lines as an Object:  
    select both points from direct selection tool, then right click and click on ‘Average’ > Both> Ok > again right click > Join.

    Selection Tool : shortcut is V
    Direct Selection Tool: shortcut is A.  

    Color Theory:
    ==> Hue – Basic colors.  

    ==> Saturation – Intensity of Color means color ko barhana ya kam krna. 

    Anchor Point Tool:

    Through this we can add or remove Curve in any Corner.

    Curvature Tool:
     not exist in old version. it makes things easier to draw redesigned approach.


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    Pen Tool & Gradients practice:

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