[Graphic Designing] Class 04: Adobe Illustrator _ Pen Tool & Shape Builder Tool

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    This Class is about, How to Trace a Shape with Pen Tool.  

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    In this Lecture, we have learned;
    ==>How to drag Or embed image in illustrator.
    ==>convert a layer as format.
    ==> Format: it will make this images opacity low. Now we can easily use pen tool on this image for practice.

    When u go to make a smooth curve then curve handle to anay wali next line k sath align rakhein. 

    ==>Average & Join Shortcut key: 
    Ctrl+Alt +Shift + J

    ==>Eye Dropper Tool : Picks the color

    ==>Shape Builder Tool [Shift+M]:  It merges/Cuts selected areas. 

    for cut any part use Alt with it. 

    Directed to Selection tool : ksi bhi tool p hon to with pressing Ctrl, we can direct go to Selection Tool.

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    0:26    Drag/Embed an image 
    3:13    Layers
    4:13    Format
    9:15    Average/Join Shortcut key
    12:30  Eye Dropper Tool
    13:10   Shape Builder Tool [Shift+M]
    14:02  Directed to selection tool 

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    Practice Work:  Tracing with Pen Tool..

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