[Graphic Designing] Class 05: Adobe Illustrator _ All About Strokes

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    Points to Remember:

    1. In Dotted line weight and Dash value should must be same. Otherwise, it will not draw as dot, it show as dash.
    2. Paint Brush like a Stroke & Blob brush is Fill
    3. Join & Shaper tool exist only in CC versions. 
    4. Via Join Tool, No need to use average & Join tools separately.  

    Imp Shortcut:

    To increase/decrease Brush size:
    Increase: use ‘right’ Square Brackets ]]]]]]]]] to increase Brush size. 
    Decrease: use ‘left’ Square Brackets [[[[[[[[[ to decrease Brush size.   

    Shaper tool:  It helps to create shapes quickly from roughly drawing. 

    Join Tool:  It Joins Overlapping parts. It merges the use of average then join Tool. 
                          Use – Select the corners and use there.
    These are include in Pencil Tool box in CC.

    Eraser Tool: ye line to simply erase krta but shapes k paths ko close krtay huay erase krta hai.  

    Path Eraser Tool: ye path ko erase krta hai but path ko close kiay bina.
    however, it doesn’t exist in old version. in CC it exist in Pencil Tool Box.

    Scissor Tool: It cuts the path with carve structural properties of the original object.

    Knife Tool:  Its like a eraser Tool. But there is bit different. you can carve a portion of your object without harming the structural properties of the original object.  

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    0:47   Fill/Stroke, Fill Only, Stroke Only

    2:25   Stroke Center, Stroke Inside

    4:35  Mitter Join , Round Join ,Bevel Join

    5:27  Dashed Lines, Gap,Dash,Dotted Line

    6:39   Butt Cap, Round Cap, Projecting Cap

    7:18    Arrows head/Tail

    9:18   Paint brushes/Stroke, Blob brushes/Fill, Brushes panel

    11:42  Brush size increase/decrease

    12:43  Pencil tool, Smooth tool, Path eraser, Shaper tool, Join tool

    19:25  Eraser tool, Scissor tool, Knife tool

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    Eraser Tool practice: 

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