[Graphic Designing] Class 06: Rotate Tool + Wrist Watch

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    In this video you will learn to use Rotate Tool, Align Panel and then you will learn how to illustrate a Flat Wrist Watch Illustrator. It will be a bit classy but slowly you will learn to master small things about illustrator which will help you create amazing illustrations. Apart from Rotate Tool and Align, you will also learn Offset Path feature.

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    1:04     Two options to use rotate tool 
    3:23     Rotate objects on a specific angle 
    6:45    Hide/Show Guides: Ctrl + ; (semicolon)  
    7:03    Object’s alignment
    11:45   Wrist watch 
    12:56   Lock an object
    24:12   Create an object from other object’s center point
    30:21  Adjust white board
    34:24  Offset Path

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    Noted points:

    ==> Create an object from Other’s object’s center point
    click on center point of 1st object (holding left click) + Ctrl + Alt.
    It will exactly create an object from the main object’s Central point.

    ==> Show/Hide Guides : Alt + ; 

    ==> for round corners in CS6 versions of illustrator use scripting,
    watch this video,

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    Practice Work with Rotate Tool:


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    waisy banaya to acha hai, well done  but ini lakeer ki fakeer hain k sooiyan jahan image main nazar aa rehi hain almost wahan he ap nay bhi rakhi hain koi thora boht time ka farq to dalti , han minutes ka to hai but hours ka nae hai 😛

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      Good observation. even i didn’t noticed… 🙂

      But yes, choosing same art Piece is my own Choice. Sir is very detail oriented..and i liked to create same piece of art work due to manage SAME Complexity before working on my own ideas. 

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