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[Graphic Designing] Class 09: Learn Pathfinder and make Icons

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      In this video you will learn to use Pathfinder panel and then we will create some simple icons. Pathfinder is a very useful panel to create complex shapes by combining or subtracting simple shapes within Adobe Illustrator.

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      مَلیکا ایمان
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      00:57  Shape Builder (Revise)

      4:06   Path Finder

      4:30   Shape Modes: Unite

      5:25  Shape Modes: Minus Front

      6:07  Shape Modes: Intersect

      7:05  Practice – Unite

      7:42  Practice – Minus Front – Make Icon[Setting]

      10:08  Shape Modes: Exclude

      10:33  Shape Modes with Alt

      13:56  PathFinder: Divide

      16:20  PathFinder: Trim

      19:06  PathFinder: Merge

      20:15  Crop, Outline, Minus Back

      21:39  Strokes – (Scale up/down) Imp regarding to work with strokes.

      25:44  Strokes Resize solution

      27:23  REMOVE extra Paths from any Object

      29:16  Transparent Gap between objects

      31:04  Practice-Example 01

      32: 29  Practice-make Icon [Calendar]

      35:35  Practice-make Icon [Home]

      37:37  Practice-make Icon [Chat]

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      Path Finder:

      Window > Path Finder (Shift + Ctrl + F9)

      Shapes Modes-Exclude: Opposite of intersect.

      PathFinder-Divide:  when 2 shapes divide, select> right click > ungroup > and separate all shapes from the divided shapes.

      Trim: it divides all shape into the pieces only which were visible. Not the entire object.

      Merge: It does same working as Unite do. IF objects have same colors.

      It does working as trim IF objects have different colors.

      Minus Back: It opposite to Minus Front.

      Strokes: strokes can be scale up/down when we change from the preference.

      Edit > Preferences > General > Scale Strokes & Effects > Ok.

      Means agr koi logo bnaya jata hai via strokes to usay resize ki surat strokes kam ya zyada ho kr actual shape ko disturb kr deta hai. So, we can apply this setting. However, Remember this setting will be apply ONLY on that system where this setting will be applied. Otherwise, it will disturb actual shape.

      But DON’T DO this Option On. Keep uncheck this option and apply Given Below SOLUTION.



      Whenever Use strokes in your designs, CONVERT them into Fill.

      Object > Expand > Strokes > Ok

      MERGE Usage:  How to REMOVE extra Paths from any Object?

      Select Object > Go to View > Outlines

      Transparent Gap between objects:

      Object > Expand > Strokes > Ok > go to Path Finder > Trim

      After Trim, Take Magic Wand Tool > Select the area > Delete from keyboard.

      Magic Wand Tool: It merge same colors in the object.

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      nice work

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      Practice Work:

      Tools Usage..

      Class 09_PathFinder


      Creating Icons..

      Class 09_Icons

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      Practice Work:

      Usage of Tools..

      Class 09_PathFinder

      Create Icons:

      Class 09_Icons

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      really nice effort

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      Thanks for your feedback logo.. 😊

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