Logo Designing: Class 2_Brand, Branding & Brand Identity

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    Imp Points as Quick View of the video:

    Brand:  A trust between consumer & company
    Branding: the way jis mein hum khud ko dhaal rahay hotay hein.
    Brand Identity:  unique identity..shanakh. there are many things include in it.
    Logo, color or any unique pattern or design element. 

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     Sidra Rani 

    Well Brand and Brand Identity are not same ? because Brand also is a unique Identity ?

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      You raised a Good Point.

      Nope, both are not same but brand is the part of brand identity. so, in this sense we can say that brand is also a unique identity. 

      Brand a brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies company’s good or service.

      for example, With the <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Apple symbol what comes into your mind?</span> a company of IT series products

      So, in simple words you can say that Brand is a Perception/idea of Yours about any company. Its not a visually thing. Its kinda relation between company and consumer.


      Brand Identity takes some elements to instant recognizable to customers. Like  everyone knows well Cocoa Cola Unique color scheming, typography and design pattern etc.

      these things make different one brand entity to the others. 

      This is what i understood. 

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