Logo Designing: Class 3_ 7 types of Logos and their usage

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    Imp Points as Quick View of the video:

    1. Emblem : Text is enclosed in any shape or symbol. use lines 7 imaginary.
    Use: when show any traditional thing. Like bht purani koi cheez hai ya bht dair say use ho rhi hai. then us k liay ye logo use kiay jatay hein.
    Don’t Use: due to detail oriented, it don’t use in small size.

    2. Logotype or Wordmark: Its just like a name. e.g Coca.Cola, Google, Visa ect.
    Use: when u have new company, short name. is liay use krtay hein k name popular ho jaye. like designers also choose thier name for their brand name. e.g Maria B, Amir adnan, Armani ect.
    Don’t Use: when u have lengthy name. don’t use it.sometimes people add icons in it too.

    3. Monogram or Lettermark: from lengthy name we extract some Letters from it and make a logo.
    examples, HBO channel means Home Box Office.
    NASA ………… National Aeronautics and space Administration.
    IBM Use: 
    i. When company name is lengthy.
    ii. when you’re in such environment where trend to use short name.
    Don’t Use:
    when you’re going to start new business/introduce a new company. no one know you, your brand name

    4. Brand Mark or Pictorial Mark: means picture bani hoti hai or name usi picture ko show kr raha hota hai.

    when u have establish a brand name well. then u will slowly vanish your logo name from the picture. and it will called pictorial mark.
    Apply is also one of this logo example. in starting it used apple symbol with Apple name but when it get famous name then it remove its name. which left right now its symbol.
    Don’t Use: 
    i. in new business
    ii. in some serious business related companies means firms ect legalillegal issue related

    5. Abstract Logo Mark: fav categories. sometimes just feelings are showing in abstracts symbols. Adidas, coca cola, Nike ect

    Use:  when you don’t want to use any literal picture for your logo like a twitter’s bird pic. then abstracts are used.
    Don’t Use:   In new business when u can’t show a single symbol as a logo without name.

    6. Mascot: Its not actually a logo, its a character. like KFC show an old man pic, Mr, Peanut show a character same as mr.peanut, Mechdonalds show a joker. so, such kind of characters are called Mascots. Its not a Logo. Its kind a part of branding.

    Use: In fun for children, families ect use it.
    Don’t Use: in any serious means professional brands don’t use it.

    7. Combination Mark: combination of all above logos categories.

    example Dove shampoo

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