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      As’salam o Alikum,

      Dear Students,

              This Thread is created to intend sharing Past Papers/Quizz, Imp Notes, Books & Other Helping Material.

      so, You’re Welcome to Share any kind of Helping material regarding CS202. 🙂     



      By Moaaz Siddique 
      Not avail

      By Waqar Sidhu
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      By Other Students
      Download Attached below files..  

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      Midterm Syllabus:

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      Some Current paperz shared by students_ 2017 & 2019


      #CS202 #Midterm_Current_Paper_15_june_2019 8 AM
      Just did my CS202 exam and did it in 30mins so you can guess that it was quite easy.
      All of the mcqs were from CSS section and quite easy one like what position attribute do, or what is the syntax of line break and table data and so on, very basic stuff.

      1. Type the name of selector used for selecting all h1 elements and what is the name of the selector which can select all of the elements and give them class=green.
      2. Write three different ways to use border-color property in CSS.
      3. Some 3-4 input fields and one javascript code was given and we have to describe their purpose and what they were to do.
      4. Write a code to create image element with image source as “VU.jpg” and make it as when the user click on then the user will be directed to new page on to the url vu.edu.pk.
      5. Type four position properties that can be given to elements.


      CS 202 Today’s​ Mid Term Paper
      Objective is conceptual
      Subjective Questions
      Unordered sa related Tha ak Question
      CSS selector
      JavaScript window.ope and close 
      Or ak question Tha text ko bold, highlight etc


      #Paper_03 _ 2017

      Total questions: 23

      MCQS simple and easy the…just read handouts…no need to prepare past papers.


      I. ak table main 3 functions diye the, unki functionality btani thi. 3 marks

      II. Differentiate between padding and boarders. 3 marks

      III. Ak bht simple ur chota sa scenario given then, CSS main uska code likhna tha. 5 marks

      IV. Javascript main code given then, uski just output btani thi. 5 marks

      V. Difference between GET and POST method. 5 marks

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      🥀 Pomi 🌼

      Thank you

      This is quite helpful.

      Stay blessed.


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