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What Are the Best Sources for Online Courses in Pakistan

Best Sources for Online Courses in Pakistan

Not only has the world advanced into digital marketing and social media, but also there are now more venues for education, with regards to receiving and imparting! Do you see what we are getting at? Online education or Online Courses in Pakistan through the provision of courses over the internet is the in-thing, to put it simply.

In an attempt to embrace the various freelance opportunities online, one must have the required and if need be, upgraded skills. Freelance is no joke. It’s not just a pass-time activity; it goes beyond, both in terms of what it can get you in return & how to go about approaching it.

So, we leave it up to you! If you aspire to work from home, or from any remote place that you’d like to call home, go for it! But, are you aware of the many Online Courses in Pakistan that can help you become an avid freelancer, at whatever skill you are currently working to master? Pakistan is becoming a home to many freelance job opportunities owing to an otherwise low employment rate & saturation of the job market.

Freelance is no joke. It’s not just a pass-time activity; it goes beyond, both in terms of what it can get you in return & how to go about approaching it.

So, if you are someone struggling with a job, how about some freelancing for a while? Don’t have the required skills. That’s taken care of too. The following list has been carefully compiled featuring the top few online learning platforms that offer Online Courses in Pakistan So, learning has been simplified to the ease and comfort of your home. A few of these online websites offer certificates on course completion that you can gloat about on your resume or a Fiver profile if you’d like!

One of the best online platforms for learning is Udemy, also one of the most trusted sites. Offering more than 65,000 courses on a variety of subjects, Udemy covers a range of professions, skills & talents. So, whether you are looking for upgrading a job skill, hobby or learning a new course simply for personal development, Udemy is your go-to learning site.
However, one drawback of Udemy is that their certificates are not recognized by employers since it doesn’t count as an accredited institution. But, are we learning simply to collect certificates? No!

Focused primarily on imparting digital skills to all users, Digiskills is emerging as one of the top online learning platforms that equip students with the knowledge & skills required for work from home setting, within Pakistan! This initiative was launched in 2018 & it has changed the learning & freelance environment within the country for the better. It is currently facilitating many individuals from housewives, professionals, to students.
The various courses available at DigiSkills comprise of Freelancing, E-Commerce Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Literacy, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, WordPress, Graphics Design, Creative Writing & SEO – the future of digital!

Just as Udemy, Coursera is yet another great online learning platform that comes with a vast library, saving you those unnecessary library trips if nothing else!  So, you can access multiple subjects including sciences, marketing, business, engineering & more. You name it, & they have it! If you are looking for credibility, then know that Coursera alone has over 25 million users registered on its portal & over 2000 courses, which is enough to establish its credibility as a reliable online source of learning.
The only drawback of this online learning portal is that you might not find all of the courses accredited; there’s a mix of accredited & non-accredited courses.

Skillshare is another one of the many online learning portals that feature an abundance of online courses. You can access as many as 19,000 courses online while using various tools to achieve your personal career development goals.
Moreover, Skillshare provides a range of online experts, entrepreneurs and business owners willing to share their knowledge and experience with registered users. You’ll find more than 100 courses on this website that impart in-depth and relevant knowledge on the subject matter of Human Resources! That’s quite a lot of knowledge from a standalone online source, no?
However, the only downside of this online learning portal is that there aren’t any certifications as of now!

Skillsuccess goes slightly beyond the usual subject areas being offered by other similar online learning portals. So, you can explore through the many specialized courses in business, technology, health, personal development, beauty, fashion & languages. There are certificates and abundant content on various subject areas, but these certificates are less likely to be accepted by colleges & employers!
But, learning isn’t always about the certificates, is it! In most cases, personal development takes precedence, just as it does in the case of freelance working! The better you are at something, the greater your return, and return is what matters in the end!
If you are confused about where to get online education from, choose one from the above mentioned options, and you’ll hopefully get what you are looking for!

One of the another growing Online Courses in Pakistan network across pakistan and all over the world is PakUdemy.
PakUdemy is now launched and adding courses for free.

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